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What People said about our eMagazine

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You are absolutely miraculous.

Thanks so much for letting me

join this badass sisterhood!!!

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​​​​​​​The magazine is a work of art.

Kudos to Candyce Costa​​​​​​​ for featuring

so many amazing women.

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When the Queen of Women in Digital in UK,

Candyce Costa invites you to be featured in

her August of Digital Business Women,

you don't say no. Celebrating the work

of some amazing women.

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@Matija Squire

The business women’s E-Magazine is an important initiative. It empowers women to share their stories and experience, which encourages other women to have confidence in themselves and their goals. Women need more role models to show them that we do have options, potential and a bright future ahead.

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​​​​​​​E-magazine is reaching a lot of people in remote areas and showcases beautiful work that women do all over the globe. I sense this  making a great positive impact on other women. Thank you once again for including me in your initiative.

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I think the magazine is an amazing platform to showcase all the incredible work that women in business are achieving today and provided me, as a millennial a platform to showcase my abilities, what I have achieved so far and what I could achieve, similar to all the successful women you feature in the magazine.

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​​​​​​​I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Candyce Costa through LinkedIn. I came to know Candyce as an incredibly driven, passionate and committed digital marketer. Her latest project, Digital Women in Business e-magazine, is a testament to that. Most importantly, Candyce is a connector, a giver, and a true collaborator.

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It was an honor being featured this year

and so proud to be connected to another female powerhouse. We will be conquering 2019 and beyond. See you next year

Candyce and all the other

98 amazing women.

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I have no words to express my gratitude for being invited to collaborate with you an issue full of amazing and talented women.

Candyce Costa, you are a gifted person, congratulations, you deserve the best!

My post about your magazine (and my article and interview) are really creating a huge buzz about the importance of women in tech. 

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